Nightly News   |  October 16, 2013

Leaking pipeline spews 20k barrels of oil, ruining wheat farm

In what’s believed to be the biggest land-based oil spill ever in the U.S., a hole in the Tesoro Corp.’s underground pipeline has flooded a farm with oil. The damage will cost millions to clean. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> a north dakota farm thor has discovered an a environmental disaster on his land. a crude oil pipeline leaked an estimated 20,000 barrels of oil in the mid ol of a once beautiful wheat farm. what is believed to be the largest land-based oil spill in the u.s. the pipe transports oil from the massive bacchan formation to rail cars. they think this was all caused by a quarter inch hole leaking for some time under a lot of pressure the oil was six inches deep in spots. most of it is deep under ground. now the long cleanup process begins.

>>> we want to take youing back to february of this year when these videos started surfacing from russia. they all recorded the same thing -- a massive meteorite that the lit up the skies and shook an a area for miles around, caused a lot of damage and injured 1600 people. the force was said to that of 20 hiroshima-sized atomic bombs . today they raised the largest chunk of what's called the largest meteor in a century. it was raised from the bottom of a lake. it weighed in at over 1200 pounds before parts of it broke up on