Nightly News   |  October 18, 2013

Boy Scout leaders vandalize ancient rock formation

In Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park, three men toppled a giant rock formation that’s 170 million years old in just 14 seconds. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> big outcry out west where an ancient rock formation was toppled by a pair of boy scout leaders in utah 's goblin valley state park . caught on a cell phone camera, and a lot of people are wondering what they were thinking. nbc's miguel almaguer sat down with the men involved and has our report from utah .

>> reporter: utah 's goblin valley state park is a beauty only mother nature could create. wiggle it just a little bit

>> reporter: tonight this cell phone video is stirring outrage. [ grunting ]

>> reporter: three men, boy scout leaders on a trip to the park, toppled a rock formation 170 million years old in 14 seconds.

>> we have now modified goblin valley . a new goblin valley exists.

>> reporter: glenn taylor had his son by his side as he pushed the massive boulder off its mushroom oh like perch. dave hall took the video the first thing we say after the rock is on the ground is a little kid right here could have been killed by this rock falling on them. it's all about saving lives.

>> they posted their clip on youtube. now authorities say the three could be charged with felony vandalism.

>> reporter: this is a phenomenal piece of property people travel from all over the world to see. to have that kind of behavior going on was heartbreaking.

>> in hindsight the men say maybe they should have notified a park ranger . another lesson learned, they add, is maybe if you're going to push over a natural beauty don't record it and upload to social media . [ laughter ]

>> reporter: people will say you guys are boy scout leaders. you should know better.

>> reporter: the rock needed to come down. with the information we have today of course we would do it different.

>> tonight the boy scouts of america calls the behavior isolated and reprehensible and says it is investigating the matter. miguel almaguer, nbc news, utah .

>> reporter: