Nightly News   |  October 19, 2013

Family pleas for mistakenly released convicts safe return

Authorities continue the nationwide manhunt for two killers who walked out of a Florida prison using bogus release papers. NBC’s Sarah Dallof reports.

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>>> good eving. two concted killers remain on the run after being released from prison early by mistake. charlesalker and joseph jenkins used false release forms to break out of jail befor heading home to orlando. their manhunt has gone tionwide, neigorhoods are on edge and investigators are asking if they had help fm within the justice system sarah is in orlao. good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, carl. another bizarre chapter in the story. as we learn more about the days folling e men's escape. ey made no efft to hi, reuniting with parents, granarents, even going to church. a show of force outside the orange county sherf's office. family members of charles walker and joseph jkins urged the men to turn themselves in. walker's mother made an emotional plea to her son.

>> we love you. we believe in the you. weust want you to surrend yoself to someone who you trust who will bring y backn safely.

>> on behalf of our family, i am aski thatyou, josephjenks, turn yourself in to the nearest appropriate authories.

reporr: walker and jenkins walked out of prison 11 days apart after forgedocuments ordered their immediate release. both had been sving life sentences for murder. family members thought their prayers had beennswered when prison officials called to tell them their led os were fre to go.

>> to confirm that the infoatiowasorrect she called back to the prison facility twice and was provided the same informati both times.

>> reporr: authorities are looking into who filed the false paper wurk, including a judge's forged signature.

>> my first thoug was how did my signature get there.

>> our investigation is looking into how and why these documents entered the system.

>> reporter: the documents contained detailed information including addresses, names and inmate mbers. former profiler clint van zandt .

>> there could have been insider support in pulling this off.

>> reporter: the ruse has been attemped before. in 2011 paperwork was fed requting a reduced sentence for jenkins. it didn't work. as authorities examine howt happened the hunt for two kiersushes into another night. ready changes are being made to policy. a judge must now sign off when a sentence is being reduced or modified. carl,