Nightly News   |  October 19, 2013

Glitch-riddled Obamacare site gets revamp

Programmers have taken the site down in order to work on its heavily publicized bugs. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>>> now to an issue many americans have been dealing with for two weeks now -- rying to sign u for health insurance under the affordable care act only to find problems with the government website . congress will have hearis on the iue and although health and human services sectary kathleen sebelius faced widespread criticism over the problems, administration officials say she is not available to testify at the hearings. while the are signs o improvement, there are big concerns as we hear from nbc's tomcostello.

>> reporter: near houston, the tara sidenberg spent morehan two weeks trying to sign up for insurance online. her multipleclerosis meds alone cost $4,400 a month. finally on friday, progre.

>> i think i'm making headway. i wa to see the options. see what's available. so i have yet to reach that point.

>> reporter: while more people are now successfully navigating health care .gov insurance companieses are reporting problems. priority health in michigan received only two dozen applicions so far, many filled with errors. definitely low than anticipated. maybe more of a trickle than a rush. but it's early in the process.

>> reporter: now conrned technical glitches will discourage healthy young people from signing up. like 24-year-old opera sinr ira barth.

>> there is not enough money to go around to pay for insurance, too, right now.

>> reporter: for therogram to workmany people like ira mus sign up.

>> i thi in order for i toe successful financially, healthy people have to buy into health care whether they are young or old. and stay insured.

>> rorte technical snafus pose a threat to the program. ja lew in an intervie with david gregory for sunday's "meet the press."

>> i think no one is more frustrated than theresident at the difficulty in the website.

>> reporter: already replican members of congress have scheduled hearings demanding answers.

>> if you can't do the simple sign-ups, how will you ever pay the providers and physicians when, in fact, those people need to get reimbursed after taking care of people that are in need across the country.

>> reporter: the clock is tickg. december 15th is the deadline to enroll for insurance january 1st .