Nightly News   |  October 20, 2013

Escaped murderers captured

After bluffing their way out of jail with faked documents, two convicted murderers are back in a Florida prison.  NBC’s Sara Dallof reports.

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>> good evening. a nationwide manhunt is over for two convicted murder here's bluffed their way out of a florida jail. joseph jenkins and charles walker are back behind bars after being arrested unarmed at a florida hotel. police say they were tipped off by an acquaintance. the convicts had he is came using falsified release forms and tonight florida officials say they expect to arrest others who may have helped them. sarah is in orlando where the two were last spotted and where folks are understandably relieved. good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, carl. officials believe the pair had help along every step of the way. from those forged documents ordering their release to their time on the run. and they say, more arrests are coming.

>> they've been looking for them. those are u.s. marshals .

>> reporter: cell phone video captures the moment heavily armed u.s. marshals raided the coconut grove motor inn. and life on the run ended for charles walker and joseph jenkins . their escape which utilized phony paper boring was an embarrassment that could have been deadly according to the head of the prison system .

>> these were two hard yepped convicted felons and the thought of them being out there in our state caused me great concern.

>> reporter: a tip from a close associate and interviews with people who visited the men in prison led authorities to panama city beach . officials say neither man in the room was armed but they were on the move. today, both were back in prison orange.

>> jenkins joseph.

>> and before a judge.

>> reporter: to hear new charges of escape read against them.

>> there's been a request that you be held without bond. i'm going to honor that.

>> reporter: the investigation continues into how the men were able to fool the justice system to release them. they have heard speculation that inmates could buy forged documents for several thousand dollars. but are not sure if the alleged document dealer worked in the criminal justice system . they are confident the pair had extensive help throughout the ordeal.

>> i can tell that you there will be more arrests.

>> reporter: for the families of walker and jenkins' victims, the news of the capture was a relief.

>> my heart was filled with joy that they had been an rehenlded and it was without violence, without bloodshed.

>> reporter: the best possible outcome following a week of uncertain days and nervous nights. since the escape, florida has changed the way sentence reductions are verified. now instead of a current court clerk , a judge must sign off on them. one judge we spoke to said he would have caught the red flags and the documents in this case. inskingsys, those without a legal background might have missed.