Nightly News   |  October 20, 2013

Shutdown rewrites Christmas story for some

The government shutdown may be over, but some still are feeling its effects. Some families say it’s hampered their Christmas plans. NBC’s Bertha Coombs reports.

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>>> while the government shutdown may be over, the pain it caused is not. many people who were furloughed or otherwise affected are still paying the price and will do so for quite some time. we get that story from cnbc correspondent bertha coombs .

>> reporter: jessica moss from antelope, california, is busy making holiday presents because she can't afford to bias much this year.

>> we might spend about 50% on our own kids for christmas gifts and use a lot of has nnd me down gifts.

>> reporter: she usually shops at the base's discount store but during the shutdown she had to shop elsewhere which took a big bite out of her budget.

>> some people might be getting back pay. i'm not going on get 33% of my grocery bill back. it's gone.

>> reporter: she is not the only one feeling the pinch. a new survey says about 40% of consumers cut their spending because of the government shutdown . and store traffic was down 7% compared to last year. retailers are hoping the shutdown doesn't become the grinch that stole christmas but they're worried it will.

>> most of the recovery since 2009 has been based on consumer spending and we're very worried that a retreat from the consumer could push us back.

>> reporter: it was alsofeldt in housing. mortgages fell on a 6-year low. in baton rouge , the malloys were in the process of buying a bigger home for their family of seven when their loan was stalled due to the shutdown. they were forced to get a new mortgage which cost them an additional $10,000.

>> that will be the christmas present. they get a new set of bunk beds and new bedding or something else for the house instead of some big gifts unwrapped.

>> reporter: more than gifts, jessica moss will miss her family this holiday. furloughed this month, her grand parents can't afford to visit, special when i another budget cut in january.

>> those are memories. my husband's side of the family handle even seen our youngest son yet. and it will be even longer until they get to finally meet him.

>> reporter: a gift they'll never get