Nightly News   |  October 21, 2013

Identity of Greece girl remains a mystery

Police raiding a Roma camp in central Greece found a young fair-skinned, blonde girl who was living with a couple later proven not to be her parents. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> now to the mystery of maria , a little girl with blond hair who was found by greek police last week. they want people around the world to see her face. the question in this case is not where is she, but who is she? tonight there are lots of potential leads, but still no firm answer. our report from nbc's michelle kosinski in athens .

>> reporter: this is maria . her face has been seen around the world. police raided this roma or gypsy camp last week looking for guns, drugs and fugitives found her. fair-skinned, blond, blue eyes looking not at all like the couple she was living with. a dna test proved they were not maria 's parents. they were arrested, charged with abduction. har i can't was brought -- maria was brought to a child services charity in athens . crying and exhausted at first said the chairman, but later content. he said she'd been livinging in bad conditions but there was no sign of abuse. a dental examination revealed her age, 5 or 6. her identity is a mystery. greek authorities have gone public appealing to interpol and releasing her picture.

>> that triggered thousands of responses from around the world including the united states . hopes raised among those with missing children of their own. police say several promising leads. the arrested pair were in court today. their lawyer denied they abducted maria .

>> they loved her. they took care of her as their own child.

>> reporter: he confessed their adoption of her wasn't legal. the roma community rallied to support the child claiming they were given the child. there is video showing a little girl 's room full of toys, shoes neatly laid out and a happy-looking maria dancing. police are now investigating whether she was a victim of child trafficking and asking the world, do you know this child? michelle kosinski , nbc news, athens .