Nightly News   |  October 23, 2013

Royal christening chapel holds memories of Princess Diana

Prince George, last seen in July, arrived for his christening wrapped in satin and lace. Four generations of monarchs came together for the first time in more than a century to celebrate the future king. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> as we said earlier, a big day in the uk turning to happier news. the christening of prince george . son of william and kate and occasion enough to bring four generations of the same royal family together for the big event. our report here tonight from nbc's kier simmons in london.

>> reporter: a baby prince in his father's arms today. a future king wrapped in satin and lace. how he's grown since we last saw him in july. in just three months, william and kate have become parents, moved to a new house -- kensington palace , that is. and william has changed jobs from helicopter pilot to full-time royal. today they paused to christen their son. watch as a moment of history unfolds. the queen and her husband greet their son charles. then william presents george. in this casual moment, for the first time in more than a century, four generations of monarchs together. it was an intimate ceremony. just 22 guests led by the archbishop of canterbury .

>> there will be great times and tough times. there always are with children.

>> reporter: the godparents, school friends of william and kate . just one royal, a cousin and a close friend of princess diana . she was a real presence today.

>> they have chosen this chapel because it was here she lay in state the night before she was buried, the night before her funeral. i think that must have had a fantastically powerful influence over a is15-year-old boy.

>> reporter: diana's son protecting his son from the media. determined to give george as normal an up bringing as possible. she had to calm a crying prince william at his christening. william and kate left without stopping to greet crowds or take questions from reporters, underlining that this was a private ceremony. everything today was william and kate 's choice. diana would have liked that. most of all, she'd have loved the grandson she never got to meet. kier simmons, nbc news, london. .