Nightly News   |  October 23, 2013

Predicting Red Sox success

During an interview earlier this year with Boston bombing victim Jeff Bauman, NBC’s Brian Williams asked Bauman about baseball – a conversation worth reviewing once more, given the start of the World Series.

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>>> and with tonight's start of the red sox /cardinals world series it's probably a good time for a certain new york sports fan -- yours truly -- to declare a mea culpa that dates back to this summer when i may have talked trash with jeff bowman who could not be a nicer guy or a bigger fan of boston sports teams.

>> because sports is important in life. because your bruins had a great year, sox, we'll see.

>> sox are in first.

>> i know, i know. it's early. it's july.

>> it was july and here we are. so for the record the sox did finish first. it is an all-red world series on a cold fenway field tonight in a city coming off a challenging