Nightly News   |  October 26, 2013

Can Obama rebound from ACA, NSA oversights?

David Gregory, of NBC’s “Meet The Press,” weighs in on the two major controversies plaguing the Obama administration: The glitch-filled healthcare rollout and the seemingly neverending NSA leaks from Edward Snowden.

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>> we turn to david gregory , moderator of "meet the press." good to see you. two issues here, the nsa spying listening to angela merkel 's phonal calls and others. in both cases the administration doesn't have a good excuse. how much damage is being done?

>> we'll see on health care . as i talked to white house officials they say, look, if by the end of november zienst is right and they can get it under control they can move on. there will be other tests along the way. opponents saying, see, they couldn't get people enrolled, if that issue is taken away where is the opposition to obama care? on the nsa spying, this is tough. the president needs our allies. it could be economic cooperation, cooperation with regard to chasing down terrorists. there is work to be done to restore trust. there is a lot of spying that goes on among allies but it is normally secret.

>> they are also hamstrung. we heard the admission they don't know what snowden has and what else will come out.

>> i think what's particularly worrisome is it's more about the level of cooperation america has with its allies and even countries not exactly allies but may have cooperated in areas against a common threat. that could undermine negotiations, potential negotiations or other work that might be done. that's what snowden and those working with him have been warning about for some time.

>> david gregory , thank you very much.

>>> a program note , tomorrow on "meet the press" david will take a look at how the states are doing with health care exchanges. among his guests governor john kasich and steve beshear .