Nightly News   |  October 26, 2013

‘Please don’t shoot me,’ recalls survivor of school horror

NBC’s Joe Fryer speaks with Sparks Middle School student Mason, who recalls being shot in the stomach by the gunman who killed Nevada teacher Michael Landsberry — a fellow classmate and friend.

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>> reporter: five days after a 12-year-old with a gun allegedly killed a teacher and wounded two students at a middle school in nevada, one of the students is speaking out about the experience and the man who helped him. joe fryer has the story.

>> reporter: for shooting survivor mason --

>> i heard a gunshot. then another one.

>> reporter: what makes monday's tragedy at sparks middle school harder to deal with is he considered the gunman a friend.

>> i knew i wasn't being targeted. i never did anything to him.

>> reporter: mason, a 7th grader whose family asked us not to use his last name, was standing outside the building when he heard gunshots.

>> and that's when i saw michael lansbury on the ground.

>> reporter: michael ran to help the heroic math teacher and came face to face with the shooter identified as 12-year-old jose reyes .

>> i'm like, please don't shoot me. you need to get in the building. please don't shoot me. he raised the gun and shot me.

>> reporter: though he was hit in the stomach, mason ran away from the shooter and met security guard lou ber kbrksgarelo.

>> he was the first one to me. i said, i'm shot.

>> he was good. he kept talking to me. god bless him. good kid. polite kid.

>> reporter: he made sure mason was quickly treated. mason is now mourning the loss of michael lansbury, someone he considered a friend.

>> he was a really nice guy. i wish he could be here today.

>> reporter: as for the shooter, some classmates said reyes was bullied but mason saw it differently.

>> if he was bullied i would have stuck up for him.

>> reporter: after a traumatic week on mason's first full day out of the hospital, he knew who he wanted to see. lou burgarelo. a surprise thank you for the security guard who helped protect mason's life.

>> god bless you. take care of yourself.

>> reporter: joe friar, nbc news, sparks, nevada.