Nightly News   |  October 28, 2013

Sandy babies, one year after the storm

They came into the world at the height of Superstorm Sandy, and now those babies – many born in difficult circumstances -- are 1 year old and thriving. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.

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>>> parts of ellis island re-opened just today on the eve of the first anniversary of the arrival of hurricane sandy. the former gateway to the nation sustained heavy damage in the storm. the storm was a traumatic event for so many people during a full moon , remember. you can probably guess the rest. for the women who went into labor this week a year ago it was a huge challenge, a lasting memory. tonight, nbc's rehema ellis checked in on them.

>> look at you!

>> reporter: it's hard to imagine this was nearly a year ago.

>> hey, sweetheart snrk.

>> reporter: julia was in labor during the height of hurricane sandy when the hospital found itself in critical condition.

>> reporter: flooded with 14 feet of water and without power or a working generator, the hospital was forced to evacuate more than 300 patients.

>> we prioritized the patients one by one, put them on a sled and went down the stairs, one staircase at a time.

>> reporter: julia and her husband were among those rushed to other facilities.

>> i was holding a cell phone above her while they were putting in the irgsv and epidural.

>> reporter: mika was later born at mount sinai . marie and mike celebrated the arrival of their son brendan.

>> hospital lost power. nerp on emergency generators.

>> reporter: unaware their home was destroyed.

>> they had everything ready for us to come home.

>> reporter: last week for the first time brendan saw the house that was supposed to be his home. he and mika are two of the babies born a year ago. after a stormy start now celebrating their first birthdays.

>> how are the children doing now?

>> amazing. beginning to walk, standing. how lucky we are that they have these beautiful babieses that are all healthy and joyous.

>> reporter: frieda took her first steps. alice love it s the camera. stone's mother says he's full of adventure. this story has a happy ending .

>> a beautiful ending.

>> reporter: for these families, a beginning as well. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york.