Nightly News   |  October 31, 2013

Damaging wind deals big blow to Halloween

All or parts of 16 states are under a wind advisory – and as the storm raced to the Northeast, it will intensify. The storm system has even forced some cities to cancel or delay Halloween. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> now to the weather on the ground on this halloween night when so many families with kids are trick or treating a storm system is on the move stretching from the great lakes all the way down south to the gulf of mexico . it is forcing some cities in this country to actually cancel or delay halloween plans until tomorrow because of torrential rain and the fear of flash floods . there have been hundreds of evacuations and high water rescues in parts of texas. it is all sliding to the east tonight. weather channel meteorologist mike sidell with us from cincinnati.

>> we are in a break from the stormy weather here at cincinnati. most of the scary stuff today has been down south and along the gulf coast . tonight all or parts of 16 states are under a wind advisory , high wind watch or high wind warning . this is the zone ahead of the cold front where we are concerned about damaging wind gusts. as for trick-or-treaters there will be pockets of heavy rain . as the storm races across the great lakes into canada it will intensify and pressure will drop to something comparable to a category hurricane. these winds will spread out gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour can down trees and power lines and likely long flight delays on friday. tomorrow if you want to go surf surfing head to buffalo. 12 to 14 foot seas.

>> mike, we'll watch it on into tomorrow.