Nightly News   |  November 01, 2013

LAX security breach contained ‘very quickly’

Former Chief of the LAPD and NYPD Bill Bratton discusses the LAX shooting that killed a TSA worker and wounded others.

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>>> bill bratton is with us, former chief of the l argapd and the nypd. now an nbc analyst and security consultant. we only get to talk to you after another episode of gun violence . . this is your former turf, a place you were charged with protecting. that ring of tsa commissioner the doesn't have weapons traditionally. you don't think the answer will be to weaponize concentric circles as you work your way into the airport?

>> there will probably be a call to do that. i would advocate against that trying to train 50,000 people to handle firearms. better to leave it so the highly trained police personnel like those today.

>> l.a.x. on a friday morning, 9:30, a busy place. hard to name a time when l.a.x. isn't busy. the problem with running an airport, you've got to have the free flow of people. isn't that exactly what makes them increasingly fertile targets for random violence and organized terrorism?

>> while the violence occurred at the tsa checkpoint and proceeded into the terminal it could have occurred on the sidewalks outside. those terminals at 9:30 in the morning, there are hundreds of people lined up outside checking baggage. the fact that he was targeting tsa employees, you would certainly go to the point where most of them would congregate.

>> final word. do you think the system worked as best it could this morning?

>> based on the quick response of the officers and ability to take him down before he was able to do more injury, i think it worked. it was a security breach ,s certainly, but one that was contained quickly.

>> commissioner, thank you as always. appreciate you coming in tonight.