Nightly News   |  November 03, 2013

Timeline of LAX shooting

Investigators offer a blueprint of how they say a driver dropped 23-year-old Paul Ciancia at Los Angeles International airport, where he then began a shooting rampage. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> bring the beginning passengers to los angeles international airport and likely very few of them will be able to pass through security screening without thinking back to friday's terrifying shooting. today paul krench, the badly injured 23-year-old man suspected of opening firing, killing a tsa screener and wounding three others was formally charged with the murder of the officer and violence at international airports . federal crimes for which he could receive the death penalty if convicted. nbc's miguelal maguer joins us.

>> reporter: according to investigators, this is where the suspect was dropped off by a roommate who did not know what was coming. police say he walked right through those front doors behind me into the terminal, pulled out a gun and opened fire while alone. operations at l.a.x. are back to normal as we learn new details on the fatal shooting.

>> reporter: with the heavy police presence, terminal 3 is again packed with passengers. it was here --

>> shots fired.

>> reporter: where the panic, chaos and bloodshed began. investigators now say 23-year-old paul ciancia walked inside the terminal with this assault rifle , five magazines, a bag of ammunition and a mission to kill. police also found a handwritten letter. insight to a possible motive.

>> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and said that he wanted to, quote, instill fear into their traitorous minds.

>> reporter: according to this federal criminal complaint, ciancia fired multiple rounds at point blank range at tsa officer gerardo hernandez . investigators say ciancia then shot two more tsa agents and high school teacher brian ledmere. once he was past security, police say he made his way past this long corridor. according to some reports, he went up to witnesses and said tsa. they shook their head no. the suspect kept going.

>> reporter: 60 seconds later, police cornered ciancia at the end of the terminal. a firefight ensued. shot multiple times, the suspect's weapon was recovered right here. he was taken into custody. then to the hospital.

>> reporter: that tsa agent has blood on his hands.

>> reporter: the officers tony grigsby shot in the foot and james spear shot in the shoulder were rushed to the emergency room . the first man injured, geraldo hernandez, did not survive.

>> he was a joyful person, always smiling. he took pride in his duty for the american public.

>> reporter: ana hernandez married her husband 15 years ago on valentine's day. she was supposed to celebrate his 40th birthday this week. she will instead bury the father of two.

>> i am truly devastated. we are all heart broken and will miss him dearly.

>> reporter: in critical condition , the suspect was shot multiple times, including in his head. he's been unresponsive because of his medical condition . we are told he is estranged from his father and just before the shooting sent a text message to his brother saying he was going on commit suicide.