Nightly News   |  November 03, 2013

Retailers really want your holiday money, just not online

Brick and mortar stores hope to woo holiday shoppers with celebrities, free food and sales. It’s all a way to try keep to costumers from shopping online. NBC’ Carl Quintanilla reports.

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>>> the official holiday shopping season is a bit shorter this year with thanksgiving coming later than usual. that's one reason some shopping malls are going all out to bring us in. that and stiff online competition. here's cnbc's carl quintanilla .

>> reporter: the stores are just opening but hundreds of toddlers and their parents are already at the mall of america for a day of free activities. for the meager family, that means attractions, food, and entertainment.

>> definitely makes it very, very affordable for a family.

>> reporter: the mall hopes they'll stick around. it has increased the number of events to more than 400 a year. everything from ice castles and rides --

>> this is the greatest mall in the world --

>> reporter: to celebrity appearances. anything to keep folks from shopping on the web instead.

>> my shopping i actually do online. not too much mall shopping.

>> reporter: the web is only a fraction of retail sales for the year but a new survey says it will be the number one destination for the holidays, thanks in part to more people shopping on their phones. amazon, the ecommerce giant, spebts sales to jump as much as 25%.

>> on your mobile phone we want you to go from i want that to i have it in under 30 seconds.

>> reporter: even walmart has a silicon valley lab where employees work to enhance their mobile app. so shoppers can compare prices in the store.

>> you walk into any of our stores now with your iphone app it will flip to instore mode and you have all benefits of ecommerce in our stores.

>> reporter: but malls aren't giving up. in yonkers, new york, the ridge hill mall hopes shoppers come for the music and face painting but stay for the discounts.

>> you're making a memory and the children or the parents or the brothers and the sisters are saying, wow, let's go there again. we've had a really special time there last time.

>> reporter: making sure in this web connected world you shop till you drop as the holiday season kicks off. carl quintanilla , nbc news, new york.