Nightly News   |  November 04, 2013

Tatyana McFadden on her record-breaking win

Paralyzed from the waist down, athlete Tatyana McFadden’s strength and determination have led her to win her fourth major marathon. She is now preparing to try out for the U.S. Paralympic ski team. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>>> our final story tonight picks up right where we left off here on friday night. on the eve of new york marathon weekend we aired the story of an inspiring woman, the fastest in her sport looking to do what no one before her ever has. we are happy to report this weekend she accomplished her goal in the new york city marathon. we get an update on her story from nbc's kate snow . [ cheers and applause ]

>> reporter: this was the record-breaking moment yesterday. tatiana mcfadden's new york win mark it is the first time any athlete has won four major marathons in a single year.

>> having the support from new york , people were cheering my name. they knew who i was.

>> that's so cool.

>> that kept me going.

>> reporter: kids wanted to see the medal, the mayor posed with her. this photo says it all. a kiss from her mother debbie who adopted her as a frail 6-year-old with spina bifida . tatiana said it was one of her toughest races.

>> i could barely pack my clothes. i felt old and tired.

>> reporter: this college senior has to recover quickly.

>> take a week off and continue to train a little bit and graduate. then i'm on to skiing.

>> reporter: yes, skiing. she hopes to return to her birthplace for the winter games in sochi, russia .

>> i have the power and endurance. i'm already a step ahead.

>> reporter: you have to figure out the skiing.

>> the technique. i have to stop looking at the snow, look up a little bit.

>> reporter: last year russia banned adoptions by americans. she hopes competing can help her prove a point.

>> i wouldn't be graduating from college, wouldn't be an athlete, winning the major marathon series . i wouldn't have the opportunities i have if i wasn't adopted by a loving american family .

>> reporter: before she can go to russia she has to get back to the university of illinois to study for a midterm.

>> bye. thank you, guys!

>> reporter: kate snow , nbc news, new