Nightly News   |  November 05, 2013

Skydiver on terrifying jump: ‘Longest 47 seconds of my life’

Nine skydivers forced to jump after their two planes collided spoke with NBC News about their frightening ordeal. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>>> our final story here tonight is about that incredible video now seen around the world, two plane loads full of skydivers jumping to safety in mid-air after the planes collided. an accident that could have easily taken all 11 lives on board. tonight, we're hearing from the survivors about what it was like. we get their story tonight from nbc 's anne thompson .

>> reporter: their cameras showed us what they saw. today, we hear what the nine skydivers felt. dan chandler was there when it hit 12,000 feet above ground.

>> i heard the loud scream. all i saw was white. and i just knew that was not right.

>> reporter: now sandwiched between the two planes, chandler hears a terrible noise.

>> it sounded like a prop cutting into the metal behind me. i can't even possibly explain that. all i could think was in the next second, probably not going to be alive.

>> reporter: she is caught, too.

>> seeing my hand stuck between the two planes, and for a split second wondering well, how am i going to get out of that?

>> reporter: the explosion frees dan and sarah as you can see in this nbc video licensed. you can see side beside, they jump.

>> the way everything was scattered, it was difficult to pick party the debris from the people.

>> reporter: the pilot of the second plane is still flying.

>> hang in there, blake.

>> after i knew i had all of my patrol surfaces and could maneuver the airplane, 100%, i knew i could land it.

>> reporter: and he does, every skydiver makes it safely.

>> longest 40 seconds in my life.

>> reporter: amy burst into tears, and finds her fiance, chad.

>> it was not a hug that you forget, it was like a hug that said i can't believe i can do this right now. i can't believe this happened.

>> we obviously got second chances, life is here and life is not here, that fast. and it is scary to really dig deeply and think about how quickly life can be taken.

>> reporter: and how incredible it is that they survived. anne thompson , nbc news, new york.