Nightly News   |  November 09, 2013

Dolphins bullying scandal cast shadow over team

Miami Dolphins players say they’re trying to focus on their Monday night game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the team’s bullying investigation is what’s grabbing headlines. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> news in the alleged bullying case between two players of the miami dolphins .

>> reporter: at the miami dolphins practice, two players at the center of controversy remain obscenity. suspended offensive lineman richie incognito landed in los angeles on friday.

>> everyone's doing their job. this is not the time or place for a comment.

>> reporter: teammate jonathan martin who is on today's team injury report listed as ill is also in los angeles t at his parents' home. martin 's attorney said martin was bullied and attacked. one alleged threat is a vulgar quote about martin 's sister. dolphins coach joe philbin said the team is relying on the nfl investigation for answers.

>> we are all committed to getting to the bottom of this.

>> reporter: lead investigator ted wells in new york on friday.

>> do you have a meeting scheduled for next week for the nfl case?

>> i'm sorry. i can't comment.

>> you don't have meetings scheduled for next week for mart martin .

>> i cant comment.

>> reporter: martin 's parents, grandfather and great-grandfather are all harvard grads. he went to stanford and majored in the philosophy of ancient greek and roman classics. his teammates say until he walked away from the team 13 days ago they had no idea martin felt bullied. this was martin speaking to a team camera before the season when asked about the pressure of being a rookie next to veterans.

>> oh, i love it. i love having the pressure on me. pressure make kwous better every day.

>> reporter: as for incognito his father said as a boy his son was bullied. his fatherly advice, fight back. dolphins players say they are now trying to focus on their monday night game . all the attention on bullying has made it difficult.

>> we would be lying if we said we never talk about this ever. yeah, it comes up. for the most part we are worried about tampa.

>> reporter: the dolphins play the bucs on monday night. meantime ted wells said he has no deadline for what he stresses will be an independent investigation.