Nightly News   |  November 09, 2013

No deal reached in nuclear negotiations

After three days of bargaining, diplomats from six nations were unable to come on an agreement on Iran’s nuclear future. NBC’s Ann Curry reports.

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>>> overseas watching developments in geneva where iran , the united states and five other countries spent the day trying to produce a deal on scaling back iran's nuclear program . nbc's ann curry is following the talks. ann, what's the latest?

>> reporter: well, lester, good evening to you. we can report to you tonight that just moments ago we got confirmation that no deal was reached here at the nuclear negotiations in geneva after three days of negotiations including 16 hours just today in talk that is stretched late into the night . this is a stunning development after top diplomats from six nations rushed here unexpectedly in anticipation of a major breakthrough in the decade-long nuclear stand-off with iran . the setback was started by france 's foreign minister who broke ranks and said france would not accept the first step deal on the table. he said it was, quote, a sucker's deal, revealing for the first time that among the sticking points, construction at iran 's heavy water reactor a potential producer of bomb-grade plutonium. this is a serious bone of contention for israel. this set off a flurry of meetings with secretary of state john kerry rushing into talks with with france , britain, russia and iran . the negotiations lasted late into the night .