Nightly News   |  November 10, 2013

Why you shouldn’t shoot ‘selfies’ while driving

Some drivers are taking “selfies” while driving and there’s a new ad campaign focused on curbing this form of distracted driving. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> we're back with yet another new trend on the road. an outgrowth of the social media phenomena as a self-y. take a picture of yourself and post it for your friends to see. when you do it while driving, it is as bad as texting or talking. our report from miguel alma gerry.

>> reporter: the latest trend. the driving selfy. not just dangerous. this could be deadly.

>> cell phones are involved in about one out of every ten fatal crashes on the road.

>> reporter: the cell phone self-portrait often snapped while the car is in motion is so popular among some drivers original sites like instagram, more than 3 million pictures are filed under hash tags like driving selfy. driving to work and the ominous, i hope i don't crash.

>> never text asked driven at the same time.

>> reporter: 18-year-old ashley said she has never taken a selfy behind the wheel but she knows plenty who have.

>> i think it is very scary. they are not at the road anymore. they have one hand on the wheel maybe.

>> reporter: it turns out nearly half of all high school students say they text behind the wheel even though most states already ban any form of distracted driving. in fact, according to the department of transportation , some 3,300 americans die every year because of distracted driving. and taking a selfy may be worse than sending a tech because getting that picture just perfect takes time. with so many selfies surfacing online, toyota launched an instagram ad showing a crashed car through several filthers with the message, don't shoot and drive.

>> when you're taking a selfy behind the wheel, your eyes are off the road. your hands are off the wheel and your mind isn't focused on driving.

>> reporter: in los angeles , dane abbott just got his license. and he knows he will lose it with just one selfy.

>> it is just a really dumb thing to do and it is really not needed. i mean, people don't think you're cooler because you're going to take a picture of you driving.

>> reporter: tonight dane abbott seems to have gotten the picture even though so many others clearly haven't. miguel almaguer. los angeles .