Nightly News   |  November 10, 2013

Golf offers H.O.P.E for female vets

The game of golf requires patience and understanding, which is why it’s become PTSD therapy for some veterans. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> finally tonight, as we honor those who serve this country, on veterans day it is important to remember the tough time many veterans have transitioning back into civilian life. now as our stephanie goss reports, a new program reports how some women veterans get back on course.

>> reporter: the game of golf. sometimes great. but mostly madness. how is that fun?

>> because we're doing it all together.

>> reporter: and i'm not sitting in my house alone all day every day.

>> reporter: which was exactly what war veteran judy did when she returned from iraq struggling with ptsd.

>> the flashbacks, it just, i just felt like he couldn't go anywhere because i was afraid someone would see and judge me.

>> reporter: until she met former pro rene who started the first female chapter of the pga's veteran program called hope.

>> i think there needs to be more support for women veterans.

>> reporter: every week when the veteran is warm, female veterans who serve in conflicts from vietnam to afghanistan grab their clubs and hit this course in east canton , ohio.

>> golf is so therapeutic.

>> and calm.

>> very calm. they're very therapeutic.

>> reporter: her father, a world war ii veteran himself started this course in 1946 .

>> he's the one that taught me the game of golf so i'm able to teach them.

>> reporter: she teaches each player that golf is a game of patience. a metaphor, christian turner says, for adjusting back into civilian life.

>> you have to be very patient. you have to be very understanding. you have to take a step back and look at the grand scheme of things.

>> reporter: playing the weekly round with women who share similar stories helps.

>> when you are tearing it up out here together, it is okay. you can celebrate each other together.

>> reporter: tearing it up is good or bad?

>> bad.

>> reporter: the camaraderie makes that rare perfect shot --

>> oh, my word!

>> reporter: even sweeter.

>> yes!

>> reporter: nbc news, east canton , ohio.