Nightly News   |  November 10, 2013

Can a deal be reached on Iran’s nuclear status?

Talks in Geneva break down as Secretary of State John Kerry defends his negotiation strategy. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> agreement on freezing iran's nuclear program , the talks in geneva with the u.s. and five other powers ended early today with progress but no deal. we get more on the story from inning white house correspondent kristen welker.

>> reporter: after talks in geneva broke up without a deal, secretary of state john kerry defended his negotiating strategy. in exchange for easing some economic sanctions . telling david gregory on "meet the press" --

>> we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid. we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe and particularly of our allies.

>> reporter: today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu didn't buy that argument and publicly slammed the talks saying the emerging deal would be bad for israel.

>> what iran gives practically nothing and it gets a hell of a lot. that's not a good deal.

>> reporter: the agreement under discussion would also make it harder for iran to develop material that could be used for a nuclear weapon . israel said sanctions should stay in place until iran dismantles all of the enrichment capabilities.

>> the president has made it clear. he will not reduce or change the overall core architecture of the oil sanctions, sanctions.

>> reporter: according to foreign policy experts, there was progress in geneva but major sticking points remain. does a kneel need to have more teeth for the international community to accept it?

>> the israelis have said no enrichment whatsoever. so this could be the deal breaker . this assistance on some enrichment but to a very low level .

>> reporter: at home some lawmakers are opposed to lifting sanctions.

>> we're going to deal away the leverage that we have where we finally have the willingness to sit down and talk about the issues.

>> reporter: a senior official said any agreement with iran would be a first phase into buying time to negotiating a final and broader settlement. lower level talks will resume in ten days.