Nightly News   |  November 12, 2013

Tacloban children face life-threatening dehydration

The storm surge that swamped Tacloban destroyed the already fragile water system, making clean water very hard to find. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

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>> Reporter: this is dr. nancy

snyderman. water and wind, devastating this


now, there is another threat. water-borne infectious disease .

61-year-old edgar arabella is

living in a shack, drinking

dirty water . he has lost everything.

>> i am just tired.

supposed to be drinking sea

water and dirty waters.

trying to survive.

>> Reporter: we're now dealing

with a new health emergency,

and that is lack of good water.

when the storm surge swamped

tacloban, the already fragile

water system was one of the


clean water is now very hard to

find and people are now drinking

from and bathing in the same

water that is filled with

sewage, corpses, and debris.

that has health officials

worried. what are the risk factors to


babies, middle aged people , and

elderly when they come into

contact with bad water? >> the risks are -- the risks to

their health, they could get

diarrhea, and typhoid fever , it

could aggravate the situation.

>> Reporter: these are illnesses

that the doctor is beginning to

see. have you seen cases of diarrhea


>> mostly children.

we have cases of severely

dehydrated children in dysentery

Reporter: the

there are few places to turn for


bottled water when it can be

found is only a stopgap.

lank tanks are needed, but there

is no flow in tacloban.

>> the only source they have

right now with the power linesdown are wells, open wells.

and they're saying it is not

even fresh water .

it's quite salty.

>> Reporter: water, so necessary

to life and now also a threatfor life.

water-borne illnesses can ravage

a town that has no


just giving health officialshere on the ground one more

reason for concern.

brian? >> dr. nancy snyderman reporting

from manila for us tonight.

for our viewers who wish to help

in this, all that information

remains on our website tonight.