Nightly News   |  November 12, 2013

Tallest building ruling awakens Chicago-NY rivalry

New York City may have the country’s tallest building, but that hasn’t dented Chicago pride. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles and Katy Tur debate the merits of their respective cities.

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>>> finallyy tonight, though it rises from a place of great tragedy, the new world trade center looming over lower manhattan has given new yorkers something to look up to and be proud of. just today it was officially named tallest in the nation, beating out the massive sears tower in chicago . new york may not be the city of big shoulders but it is all too happy to grab this tallest building title. even though chicago is not going quietly. and that is reflected in our finally report tonight as new york based katy tur and chicago -based kevin tibbles apparently believe there is unfinished business between the two cities.

>> reporter: 12 years in the making, 100 stories of steel glass and hope. the world trade center is not just a building, but a monument to new york 's resolve after 9/11. the spire topping out at 776 feet may as well be a huge point.

>> reporter: yes, it is true today, a committee of architects in chicago ruled that our beloved willis tower, formerly named the sears tower will graciously take second place.

>> reporter: a city known as the second city.

>> hang on a minute, while it is second city, it is no contest as to which city takes the cake, speaking of just about everything else.

>> reporter: speaking of cake, the gooes mess you people in chicago call deep dish, looks like this, this is folded over out of a coal oven, this right here is pizza. oh, and do you like my hat? i won't even get into the yankees' 27 championships.

>> go bulls, bear, sox, and black hawks , can't forget about them.

>> reporter: okay, so the cubs have not won the world series in over 100 years, but we do have the stanley cup championship black hawks , oh, and someone else who just happens to live in the white house .

>> hello, chicago .

>> reporter: but we have central park , the brooklyn bridge , wall street . i mean, have you ever seen a more gorgeous skyline?

>> forget about it.

>> reporter: if we're comparing views now at the willis tower, you can actually head up to the 103rd floor and pe ek out.

>> it is the windy city .

>> reporter: and kevin , we have broadway, broadway, and one of the longest running show? oh, chicago .

>> trust me, the real thing is even better. kevin tibbles.

>> katy tur, nbc news, new york .

>>> that settles it, that is our broadcast on a tuesday night, thank you for joining us, i'm brian williams , of