Nightly News   |  November 15, 2013

David Gregory: ‘I liken this to the Iraq War’

NBC’s David Gregory says Obama’s botched health insurance rollout may become the issue through which everything else will be judged, much like the Iraq War.

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>> let's go to david gregory , moderator of "meet the press" in the d.c. bureau. people start tossing around hurricane katrina comparisons and that's going to leave a mark.

>> they aren't liking that. it only goes so far if you are talking about competence of an administration or the ability for government to handle a really big project. maybe there is some comparison. but it probably stops there. the bottom line is that the president has negative attribute attributes about his competence and credibility. those are trend lines that are going down. frankly i liken it more to the iraq war . that was life and death . this is not. it's totally different. when it comes to an issue through which everything else can be judged that's the comparison to the previous administration, one they are trying to fight through now.

>> david, we'll be watching the discussion sunday on "meet the press."