Nightly News   |  November 15, 2013

Typhoon survivor: ‘Don’t let us die like this’

Those who have survived the devastating typhoon in the Philippines are left with meager rice rations, lost family members and not nearly enough aid. NBC’s Harry Smith reports from Tacloban.

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>> reporter: this is harry smith in the tacloban. friday morning under a withering sun the line to receive a meager ration of rice stretches for blocks. how much will you get?

>> two kilos of rice.

>> reporter: is that enough to feed a family?

>> no.

>> reporter: anger in this heat would be a waste of energy. when the food showed up, all hell broke loose. crews still roam the neighborhoods, collecting and trying to identify bodies. the workers are dutiful, respectful. [ crying ]

>> reporter: their work is nowhere near done. still here under the most cruel circumstances, you see many people repeating the rituals of daily life. a woman bathes her child. ath mother nurses her baby. why would you wash clothes unless you knew you would need them tomorrow? this is what hope looks like. its supply is not limitless. this afternoon we went back to check on mecon san tos. you love this place?

>> yes.

>> reporter: we met her monday. she and her extended family are still where we left them -- alive, but not well.

>> dead bodies there.

>> reporter: still? she and the 50 people she lives with cleared space to sleep. while they have received some aid, it's rarely enough.

>> god gave us a second chance to live. to do things. god gave us the courage to live, to fight. i don't want to end my life because i don't want to die like this.

>> reporter: she and her group are are sick and tired . they tried joining the line at the airport and concluded it's no use. a week ago she was praying to survive the typhoon. now, her prayers have changed.

>> lord, please, don't do this to us. don't let us die like this.

>> reporter: harry smith , nbc news, tacloban.