Nightly News   |  November 15, 2013

Wham! Batkid saves the day

With the help of thousands of volunteers, San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham City to grant a special wish to a 5-year-old boy. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>> finally here tonight, it appeared for a while earlier today like an entire american city transformed itself into gotham city to grant a wish to a 5-year-old boy and would be superhero. we get our making a difference report from nbc's joe fryer in san francisco .

>> reporter: to fully understand why the streets of san francisco --

>> you have to go way up there.

>> reporter: -- feel more like the smoke-filled alleys of gotham city , you must take a step back.

>> reporter: and listen to the story of a boy with superhero strength.

>> going to be batman.

>> reporter: you get to be batman? 5-year-old miles scott spent the majority of his life battle ago vi lane named leukemia.

>> he beat an awful disease. so that makes him a hero to me.

>> reporter: typically shy, the young cancer survivor comes alive wearing his batman costume.

>> because he's my favorite superhero.

>> reporter: in fact, he always dreamed of becoming the caped crusader . [ cheers ]

>> reporter: today the make-a-wish foundation made that dream come true.

>> it just makes me so happy that he gets to go and be the hero that he is.

>> i'm batman!

>> reporter: riding shotgun in a lamborghini turned batmobile, police escorts guide miles through a city transformed in his honor. first batkid help as damsel in distress tied to the cable car tracks. with an assist from his mentor, batman, miles saves the day to everyone's delight.

>> he's so cute!

>> reporter: but there is no time to rest. the riddler is robbing a bank and batkid is called to foil the plans.

>> i closed the door on him!

>> reporter: every step of the way, huge crowds beat batkid. some 13,000 complete strangers all packed into downtown san francisco , thanks to social media .

>> when i was a kid i wanted to do it. he's getting to do it which is pretty awesome.

>> reporter: even the president had a message for batkid.

>> way to go, miles! way to save gotham.

>> reporter: and the san francisco chronicle printed a special edition highlighting how miles saved a mascot from the clutches of the penguin before finally receiving the key to the city , leaving no doubt on this day good has truly triumphed over evil.

>> he's batman. batman always wins.

>> reporter: joe fryer, nbc news, san