Nightly News   |  November 16, 2013

Health insurers try to tackle Obamacare changes

Now that President Obama has urged insurance companies to restore canceled plans for one year, what will that mean for consumers and insurers?  NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> president obama announced insurance companies could continue coverage for those whose policies are being cancelled the company found a new challenge. we get the latest from nbc white house correspondent kristen welker.

>> reporter: new jersey insurance broker david oscar is scrambling to figure out what the president's recent reversal urging insurance companies to restore cancelled plans forrer a year means for him and his clients.

>> my initial reaction this week was this was like dante's inferno.

>> reporter: he's been flooded by phone calls by confused policy owners and now the industry is trying to figure out how to change course with the first enrollment deadline a month away.

>> we have to go back to square one. recalculate and recalibrate the system.

>> reporter: those concerns echoed by insurance ceos who met with president obama on friday at the white house . after the discussion they struck a positive tone.

>> very productive. very good discussion.

>> reporter: one insurance official said there ises a lot of confusion about how to implement the change, especially as some states including washington, vermont, rhode island and arkansas have already said no to the proposed fix. in oklahoma, officials are uncertain.

>> this is going to be very difficult for consumers and insurance companies to have to double back.

>> reporter: the political pressure is mounting. on friday, 39 house democrats broke with the president by voting for a republican bill to renew cancelled plans indefinitely. most democrats are backing mr. obama.

>> it's the only move to make. a promise made has to be a promise kept.

>> reporter: millions of policy holders who got cancellation notices like debra persico are left to wait and worry.

>> it's a short term fix if you want to call it a fix. in my mind whe the predent promises that you can keep your plan, telling people that you can keep your plan for a year is not a fix.

>> reporter: some states have said they willllow people to keep plans including california, colorado and florida. meanwhile the president will try to rally his base on monday. he'll hold a conference call organizing for action. lester?