Nightly News   |  November 16, 2013

Life after Typhoon Haiyan

One week after Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines, survivors struggle to determine what’s next. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

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>>> to the latest in the philippines where almost 2 million people have been left homeless by the typhoon that struck more than a week ago. while relief is reaching some, hundreds of thousands are attempting to flee the hard-hit areas. dr. nancy snyderman reports from cebu.

>> reporter: an uneasy calm. nine days after typhoon haiyan made landfall, families picking through the debris of destroyed homes for anything salvageable.

>> we need food.

>> we are still not seeing -- it's difficult to receive relief

>> reporter: still waiting for supply to arrive. today in tacloban we saw progress. roads cleared, power lines restored, airports opening up. cargo with packs of food and water arrived from around the world. a steady stream of helicopters from the u.s.s. george washington aircraft carrier distributing fresh water converted from sea water out of the ship's on board distillation plant.

>> the first priority will be water. but then as we start getting the water taken care of we'll try to do food and fuel. it's one of the things they have been asking for. we are trying to get them the things they need to be self-sustaining.

>> reporter: the u.s. moved more than 380,000 pounds of supplies into affected regions. the navy expects three more ships in the next four days. while aid is increasing in some areas, it is visibly absent in others. the death tol now stand at more than 3,800. 12,500 injuried. more than 1,000 still missing.

>> hope is still there that he is still alive. but with with all these things, just a little hope.

>> if anybody found him, please contact this number so we can get him back.

>> reporter: adding to the chaos is the mass exodus of residents from tacloban.

>> there is no guarantee we'll get out. there are a lot of people lining up since yesterday. we just came in now. they will prioritize those who lined up yesterday.

>> reporter: more than 600,000 people now homeless, struggling to find shelter. fears are growing about the outbreak of disease. the top of the infectious diseases -- measles. they will begin inoculating next week. there is concern of typhoid and polio. there hasn't been a case here for 17 years. they want to keep it that way.