Nightly News   |  November 17, 2013

What’s next for the storm system?

After bringing rain and tornadoes to Illinois, what will this weather system do next?

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>> turn to the south and farther east. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel is tracking the storm in covington, kentucky. we understand you were just hearing sirens there.

>> reporter: yes, lester in the background the tornado sirens just went off a few minutes ago. the line of storms we've been watching all day now moving in as we speak. the winds could gust over 70 miles an hour, you could see the leaves and rain swirling in the picture. the storms are moving at 60 miles an hour. i can hear the roar of the wind either side of the building is providing protection. visibility is going down as the flags are being whipped by this wind. there is a severe thunderstorm warning across the metro area and a tornado watch until 8:00, but the next half an hour is going to be the storms that mean business potentially knocking down trees, power lines and knocking out power here in metro cincinnati. lester ?

>> all right, mike seidel . let let's pull back the big picture . weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is at weather channel headquarters with more. good evening.

>> lester what's amazing about this outbreak it's moving as fast as most of us drive our cars on the interstate, 60 to 70 miles per hour here. the watches that are out you can see them from michigan all the way down into tennessee. we do expect those will continue east tonight, as the storms do as well, and you can see they're progressing along quickly. let's ask this model to let us know where these storms are going to be at what times. so here's sunday, 9:30 this evening, we progress forward, pittsburgh, you'll be in this, rochester, scranton, albany, new york. most of the weather will be through the big cities by 7:00 a.m . with the exception of boston, they have to deal with the worst of this, but of course behind it we are talking about very gusty northwest winds, like the winds that kevin tibbles is dealing with tonight so again as we go from this point forward through the overnight expect a severe weather area to cover many, many states and many millions of people, an active november day to