Nightly News   |  November 17, 2013

About 1,200 still missing in Typhoon Haiyan’s aftermath

The relief effort continues, but president of The Philippines said it’s not enough. NBC’s Ian Williams and Dr. Nancy Snyderman report.

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>>> now ten days after the devastating typhoon in the philippines, officials today put the death toll near 4,000, with about 1,200 still missing. this new video shows the incredible power of the storm surge as the typhoon came ashore. today the country's president said while there has been some progress in the relief effort, it is not enough. we have two reports tonight beginning with nbc 's ian williams .

>> reporter: this is the crumpled remains of sea wall , a dense shanty town lining the waterfront in tacloban, where hundreds are still missing and aid is scarce. hi.

>> hi.

>> reporter: how are you?

>> no water, no.

>> reporter: you're still waiting for help?

>> yes.

>> reporter: yet walk deeper into sea wall and there's another story, which resonates to the sound of saws and hammers.

>> we are not waiting for the government. that would be too long. my brother, my sister, my friends, we are helping each other to rebuild the house.

>> reporter: helping themselves, clearing and recycling the remains of their old homes, salvaging what they can, while the first signs of commerce are reemerging. with a smile that belies the horror they experienced, even the youngest readily share stories of surviving the storm surge . how did you get up there?

>> the water was flowing up and we up, up, up like a dog.

>> reporter: like a dog?

>> yes.

>> reporter: when the aid does come, this is the response, all for two pounds of rice and six bottlements of the water. one of the first aid handouts to reach sea wall sunday quickly draws dozens to what's left of the community's main street . this impoverished shanty town had little before the typhoon but it is a resilient community and the sluggish pace of relief supplies reaching here has only stoked their substubborn determination to rebuild. ian williams , nbc news, tacloban.

>>> this is dr. nancy snyderman in cebu. in tanauon city hall a team of doctors arrived last week to treat the sick and wounded.

>> i've never been in a war but this is what i imagine it's like.

>> reporter: within three days they performed 100 surgeries.

>> we need supplies quickly.

>> reporter: when we were here on wednesday resources were stretched thin. we brought some basic supplies, gauze, wraps, needles, sir rings and bleach, not a lot. some acetaminophen but at least something that will help tie them over because when we left they didn't have much. it still is crowded inside as it was the other day, a long line of patients but a far cry from what we saw the last time.

>> ow.

>> reporter: you have a lot of good supplies here, your ant bite antibiotic, even a solar powered refrigerator and food is now plentiful. the makeshift operating room is still active upstairs but not nearly business busy.

>> when the americans left after quick days of work we came here the night before so we took over from them.

>> reporter: there are doctors here, patients who are being seen, food is here and there are plenty of medical supplies. this is a sign that relief is happening. it may not be overnight, but these people are starting to rebuild. dr. nancy snyderman , nbc news, cebu,