Nightly News   |  January 01, 1910

Vonn’s type of injury takes ‘a long time’ to heal

In a statement today, the spokesperson for Olympic downhill skiing champion Lindsey Vonn said Vonn sustained a mild strain to her right knee, a partial tear to her right ACL, minor facial abrasions and scapular contusions from the fall NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> a big scare for the woman who is arguably the biggest star of the upcoming winter olympic games in sochi in russia, lindsey vonn . olympic gold medalist and the most decorated female skier in american olympic history, she's just come back from devastating injury. now there's word she's been injured again. just two months before the games begin. miguel almaguer has our report.

>> reporter: lindsey vonn trying to find the perfect grip.

>> reporter: in the high speed world of downhill ski racing if you want to win you've got to constant try be on the edge of a major crash. lindsey vonn is no stranger to both. tuesday morning the olympic downhill champion crashed while training at copper mountain . another major setback for one of america's best hopes for sochi . in a statement today, her spokesman says lindsen sustained a mild strain to her knee, a tear to her right acl, minor face abrasions and contusions from the fall. this doctor says these injuries can take weeks to heal.

>> a partial tear can be fairly serious. it wasn't probably 100% strong yet anyway.

>> reporter: in february, vonn blew out the same knee tearing her acl, mcl and fracturing her tibia in a devastating crash at the world championships .

>> she is down heavily.

>> reporter: vonn admitted she can take her training too far.

>> i'm probably the most dangerous person for myself.

>> reporter: it took six months for her to get back on the skis.

>> good morning!

>> reporter: when she finally did, nbc news was with her in the chilean an des.

>> i never thought about the possibility that i wouldn't come back and come back stronger.

>> reporter: today her publicist says she will rest for a few days and pursue aggressive physical therapy.

>> lindsey vonn is clearly a, if not the, poster child of the olympic games . we saw her come through with an injury prior to 2010 in vancouver. she's as tough as tough gets.

>> reporter: with less than three months to go before sochi , america's golden girl may be down but no one's counting her out just yet. miel almaguer, nbc news, denver, colorado.