Nightly News   |  November 22, 2013

Deadly weather system slams the West

Rain, snow and powerful winds are pummeling the West, and that weather system is now heading East just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports

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>>> back now from dallas where as we've noted it's been a dreary, windy,old and rainy day . it's all part of a huge weather system that has slammed much of the west with rain and snow and powerful winds. well, tonight the storm is generally moving east. that means potentially big troublfor millions of americans traveling next week for thanksgiving. we get our report to start things off tonight from nbc's miguel almaer.

>> reporter: a winter wallop slamming the west. this storm not just destructive but deadly. in northern california three kill from high winds . toppled trees smashed into cars. 60,000 people lost power.

>> it's a storm that really ops out of the jet stream and does a direct hit in southern california . a pretty nasty storm f this time of year.

>> reporter: outside los angeles a helicopter rescue. five plucked to safety during flash flooding . for commuters in southwest cities, the roads, a nightmare. in los angeles , two killed in collisions. in san diego , six rescued from sinking cars. slick roads in las vegas accounted for 141 crashes in 24 hours , five times more than normal. a flood watch is in place for the arizona desert. the forecast calls for 18 hours of rain. from the sierra to the rocky mountains , steady snow. today 100-mile-per-hourinds forced heavenly mountain ski resort to shut down on its opening day . with the storm moving east, there's already a crunch here at the airport. here at l.a.x. 2 million passengers will travel over the holiday, the most in the nation, but with more winter weather ahead delays and cancellations rinnestable. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles .