Nightly News   |  November 22, 2013

Nasty weather on the way for Thanksgiving week

There’s a wintry element to the weather threat that will blanket the East next week, but the forecast will clear on Thanksgiving day. Weather Channel meteorologist Chris Warren reports.

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>> are already looking, already worried about what may be a bad weather setup for thanksgiving week. meteorologist chris warren is at weather channel headquarters for us tonight. chris, how do you know already that this could be a bad setup this far out?

>> well, brian, the forecast models are indicating that there will be a storm system. the one that you're looking at in the west getting all the way to the northeast. however, it is still some days away so the details can change, but make sure you do stay really focused on what the weather is doing in the forecast, because it could be nasty. it really could be nasty beginning next week. starting off with that severe weather threat in the south, this is monday night through wednesday morning, and then there's going to be a wintry element to it. now looking at tuesday, a little bit of a wintry mix in the appalachians. we're going to watch that now on wednesday. keep in mind, aaa saying more than 40 million people will be traveling during this holiday peod. most of them on the road. the green is showing us the rain. this is tuesday night now going into wednesday. you can seat purple and the blue. that shows us there's either going to be a wintry mix or all-out snow and that linean change. this does clear out by thanksgiving. however, it will remain breezy in the northeast, and, brian, we know what that means possibly for the balloons and the macy's thanksgiving day parade .

>> chris warren , we'll indeed keep an eye on it with you at the weather channel .