Nightly News   |  November 24, 2013

Ambiguity in Iran nuclear deal leads to different interpretations

Secretary of State John Kerry says the deal doesn’t say Iran has a right to enrichment, but Iran’s foreign minister,  Javad Zarif, may have a different viewpoint. NBC’s Ann Curry reports.

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>>> now more on the deal from iran 's perspective. on the streets of tehran today, celebrations. people waved flags and flowers and cheered the chief negotiator as an ambassador of peace. after the agreement was announced, ann curry spoke exclusively with the iranian foreign minister and joins us from geneva tonight.

>> reporter: good evening. nuclear negotiations just don't get any more dramatic than this. it was the end of four days of grueling negotiations. iran agreed to roll back its nuclear program . the six other nations to relax some sanctions. the negotiators were exhausted and very aware that the ambiguous wording that got them to this moment would trigger fallout. john kerry 's take on the right to enrich uranium.

>> this first step, let me be clear, this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrichment. no matter what interpretive comments are made, it is not in this document.

>> reporter: but listen to iran 's foreign minister in our exclusive interview. do you dispute that in.

>> it doesn't say in so many words but it says very clearly that iran will have an enrichment program and it has a right to technology for peaceful purposes.

>> reporter: another sticking point, the heavy water plant that could someday produce plutonium for bombs.

>> it is a program that is there. we will not and paneled it but it is a program that will continue.

>> reporter: construction would continue. if congress imposes new sanctions, what will iran 's reaction be?

>> if there are new sanctions, there is no deed. end of the deed because of inability of one party to maintain its side of the bargain.

>> reporter: end of the first step deal and all hopes for a final comprehensive agreement ?

>> well, i can only say that any new sanctions will be the end of the deal.

>> reporter: congress has said it will take up sanctions in early december. if what they are calling a first step deal has been painful, there is one thing the u.s. and iran clearly agree on. and that is, negotiations toward a final agreement will be brutal. lester?