Nightly News   |  November 24, 2013

Here’s your holiday forecast

There’s a chill in the air and snow headed to some parts of the country. What type of weather can you expect this Thanksgiving? Meteorologist Kim Cunningham reports.

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>>> weather channel meteorologist kim cunning hax is tracking the store. what can we expect?

>> it will be a mess. we're talking about this storm moving east and we'll look at the east coast . travelers, we want you to be aware of the situation. have alternate plans just in case. let's show you the radar. we're looking at some light precipitation where you see the pink, it is indicating a little sleet. maybe a little light , freezing rain trying to work its way to the ground. still very dry in that area. we expect that to and paneled. if you're in dallas overnight, we're expecting more freezing conditions. temperatures dropping in the 20s. we could see accumulating, maybe sleet. maybe a little freezing rain . your morning commute will be treacherous and likely to see freezing rain as well. anywhere in the purple, that's where travel will be a mess. we'll move east with this. in the southeast, we're too warm. we'll see an all rain event. watch what happens. tuesday during the afternoon hours, very heavy rain . three to five inches of rain across the southeast. this moves toward the mid-atlantic. did you notice all the blue that we're seeing? all the way through wednesday morning. that is snow. so we're going to start to see the snow pick up in the interior northeast, starting tomorrow. into wednesday during the afternoon hours. where the low is very critical, it is inland a little bit. that's good news for the megalopolis. it will be a warm event. meaning initially we'll start with all rain. it will cause some major travel problems at the airports but we'll see this. heavy snow interior sections. some of us could