Nightly News   |  November 26, 2013

Pope Francis issues Catholic Church mission statement

In a new mission statement, Pope Francis insisted that the Church reform itself and pay more attention to the poor, and also wrote the Church must abandon its complacent attitude that says “we have always done it this way.” NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> pope francis is getting a lot of attention tonight for the mission statement he issued for the catholic church he'd like to see in the future. it was a kind of summary of a lot of thins he's been saying lately. he writes that the church must reform itself and pay more attention to the poor mep writes the church must, quote, abandon the complacent attitude that says we have always done it this way. notably, he does go on to make clear the church doctrine on issues like abortion will not change. elsewhere on the pope's zed yul this week was a meeting with vladimir putin who we should note showed up to meet the pope 50 minutes late.