Nightly News   |  November 26, 2013

Can the ISS photograph a home from space?

A home in Australia decked out in half a million Christmas lights has set a world record  – so “Nightly” wondered if we could photograph it from above – way above. On Tuesday a NASA flight engineer replied to “Nightly News” on Twitter, saying “it’s a tough picture to take, but we’ll give it a try.” NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> because we had reason to believe they would be watching us, last night on this broadcast we asked the crew of the international space station to do us a big favor and to try to take a picture of a house in australia as they fly overhead at 17,000 miles an hour, give or take. and it looks like they're going to try to oblige. today the nasa flight engineer on board the space station replied to us on twitter, quote, that is a tough picture to take, but we will give it a try. the house in question is the guinness record holder for the most christmas lights at just over half a million. so we naturally figured it would be visible from space. and we couldn't help but notice, using one of the many international space station web trackers that our loftiest viewers have flown over australia tonight since we've been on the air. so our hopes are high.