Nightly News   |  November 26, 2013

Turkey trouble? Men join Butterball’s holiday hotline

For decades, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line has offered helpful advice to solve turkey catastrophes – and this year, there will be a new voice on the line. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> finally here tonight, it was 150 years ago today that president lincoln signed a proclamation marking a national day of thanksgiving. and ever since then, turkeys have been scared and, in the days since the invention of the phone, people have been calling the butterball hot line . this year there is something new you might notice on the other end of the line . and we get that story tonight from nbc's kevin tibbles.

>> reporter: folks, if your turkey 's still in the freezer, you're in big trouble , but don't panic. talk turkey .

>> butterball turkey hot line . how can i help you?

>> reporter: for years there's been a helpful voice on the other end of the line to deal with turkey -tastrophies.

>> since 1984 . if you do that math, it's like 29 years.

>> reporter: this year butterball has decided it's high time someone else answered the phone, too.

>> butter ball turkey hot line . this is r.j. how can i help you?

>> reporter: yes, a man. men don'tcarving any more. what's a typical male caller say aside from help?

>> first of all, you got to talk them down. you got to talk them off the ledge of turkey crisis. there's really no crisis that we can't handle here.

>> usually just women and an occasional guy would call now 25% of our callers are male.

>> reporter: but before ladling up the advice, you have to show your stuffing at butterball university.

>> teacher, how many different ways are there to cook a turkey ?

>> many, many, many, many different ways.

>> reporter: my favorite, of course, is grandma's way, in the oven, golden brown , a work of art. here everyone has their cooking skills tested, too. i thought the guy was just there to cut the meat.

>> well, there's nothing wrong with being the carver, but many men are actively involved with the food preparation , the actual roasting of the turkey , the side dishes . we're in changing times , kevin .

>> reporter: although when it comes to turkey , some things never change.

>> isn't that looking great?

>> reporter: that's delicious.

>> get your hands off of there.

>> reporter: now that's a thanksgiving tradition. apparently tasting isn't for a couple more days. kevin tibbles, nbc news, naperville, illinois.