Nightly News   |  November 27, 2013

Turkey Day brings calm travel forecast

New England is seeing the worst of the storm Wednesday evening, and it will continue to exit the region through the evening. Big wind gusts are in store for Thanksgiving Day, but, otherwise, weather is quiet across the country. Meteorologist Janice Huff reports.

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>> we go with meteorologist janice huff . everybody wants to know when we can say good-bye to this.

>> pretty soon for areas except for new england. they are seeing the worst of the storm now. heavy rain around boston. inland areas, the green and white mountains getting snow. back through upstate new york . even seeing light snow in the new york city metropolitan area over the catskills and poconos. we are on the southern end in terms of the storm. it will continue to exit the area as we go through the rest of the evening. then we have to deal with winds. we are expecting gusts around 34 miles per hour here in new york city in the morning. that's a big concern for the macy's thanksgiving day parade large balloons. they won't be able to go up if gusts are above 34 miles an hour. they will test that tomorrow morning . look at how it will feel. 12 in buffalo. 15 in new york city . feels like 10 in albany tomorrow morning . you have to layer up to be out and about in the cold. as we track the storm system there will be lake effect snows tonight across the great lakes back into michigan, parts of upstate new york through tomorrow. otherwise the weather is quiet across the country through thursday. it should be sunny and dry in most spots. even into friday. if you're traveling back from the holiday on sunday you will find rain in boston, but temperatures in the 40s. also rain for dallas and showers back across to seattle and the pacific northwest . otherwise the weather is dry and sunny. that's good news considering what so many people had to deal with with to get to where they were going for thanksgiving.

>> janice, thanks for that.