Nightly News   |  November 27, 2013

Despite injury, Vonn aims to compete in Sochi

Lindsey Vonn, the most decorated female skier in the history of the sport, said despite the partial tear in her right knee, she will be back on the slopes competing as early as next week. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> lindsey vonn talked about her most recent injury during a visit here today. she said she has a partial acl tear in the right knee. she said normally she'd stop competing to have it repaired. instead she hopes to compete next week. then to the olympics in sochi , russia. she's the most heavily decorated female skier in the history of the sport.

>> in february when i crashed, you know, i had a lot of time. so i had enough time to be sad, disappointed and then get motivated. i don't have time for that now. i have to be motivated. i have to be ready. sochi is the thing that's really driving me. if i didn't have sochi , i would have most likely had another acl reconstruction and been out the entire season. sochi is definitely in the forefront of my mind. it's what keeps me going.

>>> the winter olympic games begin in 11 weeks.