Nightly News   |  November 27, 2013

In rural Oklahoma: the country’s longest mail route

Postman Jim Ed Bull, 72, makes 198 stops a day to deliver the mail. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports from Mangum, Okla.

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>>> finally here tonight, as always, the holiday season is the busy season for the u.s. postal service . says it's ready to deliver holiday greetings and gifts to more than 152 million addresses nationwide this season. tonight, kevin tibbles tells us about one man making the long haul to get some of those pieces of mail to their destination.

>> reporter: as bleak as they are beautiful, these windswept flatlands. and as the sun peeks out, jim rises, does his 50 sit-ups.

>> i love you.

>> reporter: and kisses his wife susan, a teacher, good-bye. he heads out into the elements, as vital as the rain in this rural corner of america.

>> good morning!

>> good morning. how you doing?

>> all right. no mail today?

>> no mail. no bills.

>> reporter: this as you have likely figured out by now, he's the postman. do you hate junk mail more than i do?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: it's also worth mentioning jim has the longest route in the nation. 187 miles a day, 198 stops. a lot of miles on the ford ranger . you see? 295,000.

>> reporter: 295,000 miles.

>> yeah.

>> reporter: still going strong . he says he's still going strong , too. he spends about nine hours a day sitting in the middle, left arm to steer, right to deliver. don't try this at home. for this occasion he lets a beginner in the truck. neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor greenhorn.

>> nbc.

>> reporter: mail's delivered. jim -ed sees deer, coyotes and rattlesnakes. with a drought on, families struggling in hard times .

>> i have some that you really feel sorry. i try to help out when i can, a lot of them.

>> reporter: there is a lot of time to think on these dusty roads . at 72, heaven think he even thinks about hanging it up but not yet.

>> i was raised on a farm. i love to work.

>> reporter: going down the road serving the people he loves means a lot more than just delivering the mail. kevin tibbles, nbc news, somewhere near mangum, oklahoma.