Nightly News   |  November 28, 2013

Holiday shopping kicks off on Thanksgiving Day

Holiday shopping kicks off across the country Thanksgiving morning as a number of major retailers open their doors for shoppers willing to leave the turkey for some big deals. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> even before a lot of turkeys were in the oven, hours before the football games , holiday shopping kicked off across the country this morning. and as it creeps earlier and earlier, more than a dozen major retailers from target to macy's are open. according to the national retail federation survey, 33 million people are expected to shop today. and that has some people asking -- if it is all too much too soon. here's nbc's john yang .

>> reporter: before dawn in suburban chicago, desiree shuffle is where she wants to be, first in line at k mart .

>> this is what i live for to be number one.

>> reporter: husband bobby and mom laurie are here too.

>> whatever the boss says today.

>> go get the pajamas. the toys. the barbies, the hotwheels.

>> reporter: she is hot on the trail of a nintendo video game for her son, only nine are in stock.

>> right now i just saved -- $165. on one item.

>> reporter: racing from store to store is a family tradition . she liked it a lot belter on black friday.

>> i am not home with my 2, 4, 11-year-old. it bothers me. in the long run it is all for me.

>> reporter: thanksgiving dinner shared with her daughter outside wal marl-mar wal-mart. analysts predict sales up 4% this year from last year, with online a top destination for the first time. by opening earlier, brick and mortar stores are trying to grab their share. but it may not work.

>> you don't have more relatives or more people on your holiday list just because there are more hours or more days to the sale period.

>> reporter: some stores aren't joining in including nordstrom, costco, marshall's, one new york area chain is boasting about it.

>> at pc richard an son we believe thanksgiving should be spent at home.

>> reporter: a face book petition urging people not to shop on thoek has 6,000 likes. it is just wrong to make people work on a holiday meant for friend and families to beep together. the manager of a pizza hut in elkheart, indiana said he was fired when he refused to open today. he spoke to msnbc's ed schultz .

>> it is not right.

>> reporter: this morning, pizza hut corporate headquarters stepped in and he was offered his job back. at k mart in chicago, joel meier had two carts of games, dolls, and toys. all to be given away to children's charities.

>> how good are the deals today?

>> probably, about half price. so, i bought it -- get, twice as many toys for the kids.

>> reporter: analysts say that shopping on thanksgiving is diluting black friday they will be comparing these crowds with the crowds tomorrow morning . kate?

>> john yang . thank you so