Nightly News   |  November 28, 2013

‘Quiet’ weather expected for holiday weekend

With bargain shopper already poised to snag those early morning deals, The Weather Channel's Janice Huff previews the weather outlook for this holiday weekend.

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>> much. what will the weather be like for all bargain hunters tomorrow. meteorologist janice huff joins us from the weather center. janice?

>> kate, quiet tomorrow, like today from coast to coast . not much going on. chilly conditions in the east. mild out west. tomorrow, friday for all of you shoppers, it will be sunny, boston, down to washington, atlanta, temperatures in the 50s. miami you will be in the 70s. clear in chicago. out towards denver. and san francisco . a few showers in the pacific north west . that's about it. but it looks like for the big travel day coming up for sunday -- the only place that is going to see any major problems will probably be seattle area. heavy rain expected sunday. maybe snow in the mountains. the rest of the country will be nice and quiet. kate back to you.

>> looking good. back to you. tonight 48 hours from a