Nightly News   |  November 28, 2013

Obamacare insurers make push for younger users

NBC's Peter Alexander reports on the race to get younger people to sign up for health insurance as the self-imposed deadline by the White House to turn around the Obamacare website creeps closer.

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>> tonight 48 hours from a self-imposed dead leline by the white house to turn around the obama care website and get it working for most users. and a race happening to get younger people to soon up for health insurance . in order to make that happen, some advocates are hoping parents will make the pitch to their grown children, perhaps around the dinner table tonight. we get the story now from our white house correspondent peter alexander .

>> reporter: what's up, sean? i'm all right, how are you?

>> reporter: 27-year-old nathan is just who insurers are counting on. sheets who works at a homeless center is one of the so-called young invincibles whose enrollment is critical to make the new law work. he is in no hurry to sign up. what's the hold up?

>> just haven't gotten around to it yet, i think.

>> reporter: how do you get young people on board? recruit their parents with ape dose of humor. aarp is urging mothers to send their children these e-cards. get health insurance so i can stop pestering you to seen up and start pressuring you to get married.

>> we have something really important to talk to you about.

>> reporter: this new ad encourages moms and dads to have the talk with their grown kids over the holidays.

>> well know you don't have health insurance .

>> we love you no matter what it is tomb to get covered.

>> reporter: using star power too, like actress olivia wilde .

>> obama care.

>> to succeed, obama care need young, healthy adults to offset the cost of older people. those with pre-existing conditions. advocates say there are encouraging signs in california. the first state to report who is enrolling. through october, 18-34-year-olds accounted for 22% of enrollments. slightly higher.

>> we like to say young, invince bum. i like to say not young and stupid.

>> reporter: they actually know that they're an accident away from actually having a $50,000 debt. $100,000 debt.

>> beginning this january. a nursing student who works part time will have health insurance .

>> it is a burden that has been lifted. you don't know what the future holds. you have to prepare for it.

>> reporter: there are obstacles. while california's state run website is working. supporters worry the flawed federal site may discourage young people from signing up. peter alexander , nbc news, los angeles .