Nightly News   |  November 29, 2013

Deadline hours away for Obamacare website fixes

The Obama administration has just one day to get its  website running more efficiently, but officials are already trying to limit expectations once again. NBC News' Kristin Welker has more on the expected roll-out.

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>>> now to the ongoing troubles of the obama care website and the ongoing effort to get it running better and at greater capacity. that deadline is tomorrow. today the administration was trying to limit expectations again. we get the latest from white house correspondent kristen welker. good evening.

>> reporter: brian, good evening. with just hours before the administration's self-imposed deadline of having its health care website working for most americans by the end of tomorrow, top officials were hedging their bets today. health and human services secretary kathleen sleel yebelius today blogged that people should shop health care .gov during off- peak hours -- morning, nights, weekends. not a vote of confidence says luke chung.

>> it tells me the system isn't fully baked. this system should be able to accommodate as many people that want to get on as possible.

>> what i'm going to do is make sure we get it fixed.

>> reporter: chung says the administration's goal of making sure the website can support 50,000 users at one time by the end of saturday is not the best way to measure success.

>> 50,000 is not a number that is unheard of for websites to support at one time. so i think the challenge is not just the number of users but whether there are still bugs in the system that will prevent the process from running smoothly.

>> reporter: late this afternoon a health care official said the site can support close to 50,000 users now and cited other progress, the error rate once 6% less than 1%. the website used to take eight seconds for a page to load. now just milliseconds.

>> what do they want to talk to me about?

>> reporter: today the white house tweeted a video encouraging an adult son to sign up.

>> we love you, but it's the time to get covered.

>> that's it? health insurance .

>> reporter: part of the plan to get young healthy people to enroll. if the website doesn't work that critical group , used to getting what it wants with a click, could be dissuaded. one more reason this sfrags is administration is trying to keep the expectations for the deadline in check.

>> one reason they have kept it nebulous enough that they will say, yes, we did meet the goals.

>> reporter: the administration declined today to say exactly how many users the website can support now. to put into context the goal of 50,000 users at once, that's the size of floyd casey stadium in waco, texas, where the baylor bears play football. brian?

>> comes down to sports thanksgiving weekend. kristen welker from the white house north lawn . thanks.