Nightly News   |  November 29, 2013

Blast throws children to ground in Damascus

Video shows a dramatic blast close to a group of children in Damascus who were being interviewed about their experience of the Syrian conflict. The children appear to be unhurt. Meanwhile, a new UN report out says at least half the million refugees are children. NBC News' Brian Williams reports.

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>>> as the civil war in syria grinds on a new report from the u.n. says at least half the refugees, more than a million of them, are children with three-quarters under the anyone of 12. as for the children who remained in syria, their plight was shown in a video from a rebel group shot in the suburb of damascus that includes an incredible moment, a part of life in a dangerous place. [ speaking in a foreign language ] [ explosion ]

>> during the interview two boys and a girl were thrown to the ground but were unharm bid the incoming shell. they were seen smiling in the video a short time