Nightly News   |  November 30, 2013

Continuing challenges facing health care rollout

NBC's David Gregory on how the White House is managing expectations regarding the ACA website.

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>> continuing challenges facing the health care roll out we are joined by david gregory , moderator of "meet the press." they are keeping the barlow. how do they manage expectations now as we reach the deadline?

>> well, lester, let's focus on that. the need to manage expectations. because of how poorly the rollout has gone out. i know from my own reporting the administration will say they have reached the point where they can handle 50,000 users at a time on the site. about 800,000 in a day. that puts them on track to get to some of the numbers they want to get to by march but it's far from certain. they have enough progress, they think, to handle big capacity. they don't want to send people rushing to the site yet. they're going to start targeting key groups like the young healthier americans to get them to sign up and to use political tricks as well. political tools in their bag to target those groups and get them to sign up.

>> all right thanks. for more on this tomorrow, david's guests lynn collude cardinal timothy dolan , archbishop of new york .