Nightly News   |  December 01, 2013

What caused a helicopter to crash into bar?

Authorities are investigating what caused a helicopter to fall from the sky and crash into a busy city center.  Police have identified four of the eight deceased victims. NBC’s Roberts reports.

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>>> now the death toll stands at eight in scotland two days after a police helicopter crashed on to the roof of a crowded pub. no word on the cause. it happened in glasgow , scottland's biggest city.

>> reporter: work has been going on at the crash site all day. the helicopter is taking them away for examination. investigators are trying to piece together how this happened. a close-knit community is shocked. one survivor coming straight from the hospital.

>> there was a man on the news. he was right next to me. he was one of the dead.

>> reporter: prayers have been said across glasgow today. now people want answers. the central question, how did a police chopper fall from the sky in a busy city center killing at least eight people? so far nothing specific from police.

>> the helicopter was returning to glasgow from an operation that it had been deployed upon.

>> reporter: police say there is a possibility there are more bodies trapped under the wreckage. she fear her brother may be one of them.

>> i jut can't believe it is happening.

>> reporter: the waiting must be terrible.

>> reporter: authorities are still working around the clock.

>> very, very confined. it is dark and dirty.

>> reporter: here at the scene, the line is growing as the community comes to terms with what has been lost. experts say uncovering the cause of this accident may take many